transformed by God’s grace in order to
transform the world with His grace

Whose Greatness?

Whose name shall be great in our lives? We live in a world that exalts the names of people, and people desire to see their names great. Some people become so obsessed with this quest that they want their names everywhere. Some want names on papers, buildings, websites, and awards. They want names placed everywhere possible. Other people want to simply be known by a close-knit group of friends and family. While some want their names to be famous, and others simply want to be known by loved ones, we all want to be known by somebody, and we want to be known in a way that is meaningful. Having a name gives us a sense of significance and meaning. It seems to give a person a sense of accomplishment and value. The desire for our names to be made known is a common experience in life. Trouble hits us, however, when such a want is the means to defining oneself and placing value or worth on oneself.

The Bible teaches us a different way to find significance in our name. It is when God is brought forth into greatness that we get to have a great name as well. God calls Abram to a life of faith and in that process, Abram’s name becomes great. The greatness of Abram’s name is that he becomes the father of faith to a great many people, traditions, beliefs, and ethnicities. This is the result of making the name of God great. When God is exalted, our desires for significance and greatness are met in him. Then, even should our names become famous, we are no longer obsessed by such desire, and we are no longer driven by a need to make our name known. We become free. Whether our names or known by a few or by multitudes. We are secured in being known as great in the eyes of God. In His greatness, we are made great. In His amazing name, our names are included.

We are part of God’s family. The greater His name, the more significant our names become. So let’s make our lives about His greatness and His fame! Amen.


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