transformed by God’s grace in order to
transform the world with His grace

Vision for Gospel Renewal

Vision. Visioning is powerful. This is because we are powerfully affected by the things that we see. When we bring focus to a certain goal and do whatever it takes to get there, we are able to discard the distractions and avoid unnecessary detours. We are able to arrive at our destinations with efficiency and effectiveness.

Recently, I joined the Bi-District Board of Missions. this committee is a combined group of clergy and laity from the Arlington and Alexandria districts in our conference. Our job is primarily to allocate funding to support new church starts, new ministry initiatives, multi-site projects and developments. However, our discussions are so much more than financial numbers. It is driven by a vision to see more faith communities make an impact for the Gospel in the Northern Virginia area.

This past week, we had our quarterly meeting and it was exciting to hear of stories of the Gospel movement among our United Methodist churches in the surrounding geographical areas that we call home, work, or play. Areas of Arlington, Fairfax and Loudon County are bursting with population boom and opportunities for the Gospel, and churches are responding to this call by starting new ministries, new locations or launching new churches.

In particular, I learned about two churches: The Vine Church and Floris United Methodist Church that are starting new locations in the next year. Vine is launching a new campus in South Arlington, and Floris is starting one in South Riding. Both churches have a vision to see the Gospel reach new people in new ways for Christ. It was empowering to be with clergy and laity that have a passion for the Gospel. In our current generation and culture, I believe it is necessary for the Church to have a vision for Gospel renewal. So much of Christianity has been lost in troubles of religion, politics, scandal, and pluralism. The Gospel transcends over all these matters, and yet the Church continues to hold onto the trivial matters of Christianity. I pray that our church will have a bold vision for Gospel renewal and witness its power unfold in our lives, our church and around us. Amen.


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