transformed by God’s grace in order to
transform the world with His grace

The Story of Our Lives

What is the story of your life? Does your past shape your present? Certainly it does, but does it determine your future? Not for those who believe in Jesus Christ. For we have a future that is secure in the promises of God. In Christ, every promise of God is: “yes” and “Amen.” This means that the promises of God are certain, and it shall be as we believe and say.

But what are the promises of God? They are every promise made through the New Covenant in Jesus Christ. Scriptures teach us that in Him, we have a new life, and the new life is of a different quality and substance. The words for “life” usually used in the Greek are usually: bios or psuche. We get word “biology” and “psychology” from these root words. However, when the Scriptures speak of the life we have in Christ, it is a different word: zoe, which means life that is connected to the life of God.

When we look at Jesus, what kind of life do we see? Because that is the life that is promised to believers in this world. There is certainly an everlasting life given to those who pass on from this present life to eternity in heaven, but here in this world, we are promised the life in Christ. 1 John 4:17 teaches us: “As He is, so are we in this world.”

Those who live with faith in Jesus Christ have a different outlook on life. They live with a hope that cannot be found by self-manufactured means. They live with a confidence that God’s almighty presence is surely with them in all that they do. When tragedies come and problems arise, they have an assurance of God’s goodness even in the midst of such challenges. Believers in Jesus Christ look upon Jesus and see His victory as their own. If death has been conquered, so has sickness, illness, fears, and anxieties. They live daily declaring such victory.

When you think about the story of your life, how would you like it to unfold? Will it be like everyone else’s story? Struggling through each step? Living defeated? Or will it be walking daily in the life of God with a light that shines through the darkness? Let it be brothers and sisters, that the story of our lives is one characterized by rising up with faith and trust in God’s leading and provisions; His power and victories. Amen!


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