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The Names of God

In the Bible, names play an important role of telling some kind of characteristic or aspect of a person. In our daily lives, names sometimes go by unnoticed. Especially so of the process and meaning by which cultures of the past and of today have given names to children. One of the strangest stories I heard from my parents was that when I was born, they took me to a

One of the strangest stories I heard from my parents was that when I was born, they took me to a name doctor. I laughed at first but my parents urged me to take it seriously because for them it was such an important event. To name their child. What possible name could we give to our child? I can imagine so many thoughts going through their mind. Should we give him a name that is a virtue? Should we hope to ordain some sort of destiny to our child through his name?

There are so many different aspects to what a name entails. In the Scriptures, it appears that names were so important that when a significant event occurred for an individual, they changed their name. Saul to Paul, Simon to Cephas (Peter), Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, Naomi, mother-in-law of Ruth to Mara.

It is so significant what we call ourselves and what others call us. I think this perspective, either of ourselves or from others, names deal with this idea of what others call us or what we call ourselves. There are many different names of God in the Bible that note a hint of God’s nature and goodness. The people of God chose to call upon the name of God that was given to them through Moses but they also practiced this calling of God of various (nick)names. Jehovah-Jireh (God Provides), El-Shaddai (God Most High).

I would like to ask, as a people of God, as a person of God, what do you call God? How do you refer to Him? In what manner do you relate with Him? I believe that as we concern ourselves with how we regard this God of ours, that we will be able to discover wonderful and amazing things. May God be regarded with praise, joy, and peace in our hearts and souls.


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