transformed by God’s grace in order to
transform the world with His grace

Thanks-Giving. Giving-Thanks.

This year, we made a pledge to raise enough contributions in food and money to provide for 120 families that are served through the ministry of Little Lights. In the eyes of the flesh, it was quite an overwhelming challenge, but by faith it was a challenge to which our church leadership said, “Yes.” However, more than the leadership saying, “Yes,” it was the work of the congregation saying, “Yes” by signing up and providing. It was about saying, “Yes” to telling others about what we are trying to do, and inviting them to join the mission.

Through every act of faith, we were able to meet a goal we never imagined we could. How could a small congregation like ours do so much? I believe every one who gave was inspired. I believe that hearts were moved to share blessings that have come from above. To be thankful means to be full of thanks, and the word “thanks” is the same as grace. When we know that all we have comes by grace to us, we automatically produce a spirit of thanksgiving. We do not need to manufacture a heart of thanksgiving, if we simply see that it is the good Lord that provides for us.

Every penny that comes in through the bank account, every job opportunity fulfilled, every living situation and circumstance established, are gifts from God. When we can live with such a mindset, we become free to give. For the one who gave to us by grace, we know will continue to supply. When we live with a mindset of abundant supply from an infinite God, we automatically generate a generous spirit and a generous giving.

I am full of grace, and one great reason is that each of you are full of grace and grace-giving. Better yet, you are full of thanks and full of thanksgiving. Thank you for thanks-giving and giving-thanks. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Let us be a grace movement in a world deeply in need of grace. Happy Thanksgiving!


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