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Right Foundation of Life

In a parable, Jesus talks about two people who built houses. The first built a house on sand, and the other built a house on the rock. Both people build houses. Both houses face the same situation. However, the results are very different. One stands strong, the other one falls with a crash!

What foundation are you building your life? Someone once told me that they have everything they that could have ever asked for: success, money, relationships, influence, etc. Yet, they sense something deeply missing, and everything is floating with no root. Such is a common experience of many who strive to build their lives well.

One of the things that come to mind is that very often it is easy for people to consider faith life as one of the pieces of building life. However, Jesus reveals to us that faith in Christ is foundation. A good foundation is very vital to the strength of a house. Two types of houses can be built with the same quality and same materials, but if the foundation is weak, then it compromises the structural integrity of the house.

It goes the same for our lives. As we build our lives, two people can build family, marriage, work, and relationships on a weak foundation or a strong foundation. Upon which foundation will you build your life? Will you build upon the strong and unshakeable foundation of Jesus Christ? Or will you build upon yourself or something else? How crucial it is for us to not only build the house right, but so much more to make sure it is built on a reliable foundation! How vital it is to have a reliable foundation! What will be the reliable foundation in your life?

Let us make Christ the foundation, the center, the core of our lives so that we might see that all we do is rooted deeply in Him. Then we can be sure that no matter what troubles come our way, that our lives will stay intact and stand strong. Amen.


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