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Resting in His Work

This past Wednesday, I went to the hospital to get a minor surgery done on my left foot. It was to remove an unknown soft tissue mass that had formed on the left side of the joint where my pinky toe meets my foot. I was prepped for surgery. The doctor told me that I would get sedated. I remember after the nurse came in to tell me we’re about ready. She told me to just relax. Next thing I knew, I was woken up. I was told, “We’re all done.” I couldn’t believe it!

While I rested, all the work was done. While I slept, my foot was cared for. This experience made me think about how we need to rest ourselves into the Lord’s care. Someone once called Jesus the Great Physician. When we want to be healed in our hearts, or even in our bodies, we need to rest ourselves in the one who will care for us. In our Christian faith, we are called to rest in Jesus Christ. In Him, we can finally rest our anxious thoughts and our wrestling hearts. When we rest in Him, His work can be done in us.

What fears and concerns are strong in your mind today? Would you rest them into the Lord? Would you see Him as the One who can meet you there in your fears and worries? Would rest yourself in Him so that His work of healing, peace, redemption, and restoration can happen? Let it be that as you rest in Him, that His work will be done in you! Amen!


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