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How Can We Be “Here”?

For a moment, we were free! So we like to joke around about. Pastor Isaiah and I went to an ice cream store this past week to spend a moment together in the midst of so much going on. This was made possible because my mother-in-law is in town visiting us and surprisingly, our two younger ones, especially Israel is doing very well with their grandmother. It afforded us a rare opportunity for us to be out and about by ourselves.

Sitting in the ice cream parlor and enjoying the ice cream, we looked at each other and were very grateful for the moment. Then we joked about how if people were to see us, they would assume we’re a couple on a date together when in reality we’ve escaped from the hands of our children! All kidding aside, how precious these moments are!

Sometimes life can become so full of tasks and responsibilities. We go from one responsibility to another, and sometimes even in the midst of “enjoying” things, we are caught up with what’s next and we cannot fully take in the fullness of each moment. So often our lives are characterized not by being present and engaged to the utmost, but constantly thinking about what we need to do next. Our minds are often not fully present with the present. At work, you might be thinking about home. At home, you might be thinking about work. In the midst we lose out, and we actually perpetuate this vicious cycle further. How can we fully “here”?

I believe this requires us to live by faith. We need to place the things outside of our present circumstances in the hands of our Gracious God. Only then can we be fully present with the present. Only then, can we draw our attention away from other things and focus on the present task or people at hand. Living by faith is much more than just thinking about where your eternal destiny is. Living by faith is also about trusting in God for every circumstance outside of your present. Then, you can fully engage the present, and even have room in your mind and heart to do the present with faith too.


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