transformed by God’s grace in order to
transform the world with His grace

Leadership Staff

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Daniel Park

Rev. Daniel Park was born in New Jersey and raised in New York. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Vassar College, and a Master of Divinity from Drew Theological School. He was ordained in 2008, and is a full elder of the United Methodist Church. He has a wide range of ministry…

Isaiah Park

Pastor Isaiah is the Education pastor, serving both children and youth. Her hope and desire is to see young lives transformed powerfully by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her passion is to see this young generation declare that we are the righteousness of Christ Jesus, and daily live into that truth. Pastor Isaiah is blessed…

Jack Lee

Pastor Jack is the Associate Pastor of CUMC. He has been doing college and young adult ministry since 2013 and was given the bridge ministry since in 2016. He seeks to bridge the next generation of Christians to the life of the Church and is currently focusing on college students coming in from KUMC of…