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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Psalm 139 reveals to us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I once read the passage and thought to myself, “Am I wonderfully full of fear?” Oh the troubles of reading into words too much! Thanks be to God that this is not what it means to be made fearfully and wonderfully. In the study of Hebrew, we find that this word is used to convey the idea of being in awe of Yahweh. To be fearfully made means to be made in such a way that leaves one in awe of the Lord God Almighty! The word, “wonderfully” means to be set apart and made distinct. This means that God has made each and every one of us in such a unique and distinct way and He has left His marks on us that causes ourselves and others to be in awe of Yahweh! Thus, David, the writer of Psalm 139 says in the same verse (v.14), “Your works are marvelous!” and he says, “I praise you!” When we can see the marks of God in creating us, we begin to marvel at His creating power and leaves us in praise.

Well, this leads me to ask the question, “Do you see yourself as fearfully and wonderfully made?” Do you see the image of God in you? How often is it that you look at a mirror to your body or your thoughts or your soul and say, “I am in awe of God’s good handiwork?” Let it not be based on how you feel or the voices of others in your life. Rather, let it be based on the truth of the Gospel. David, a man full of flaws was able to see past every mistake, every wrong, and every failure. He saw not his own goodness or his own success. He saw the goodness of God and the grace of God. There, he was able to see his very self as fearfully and wonderfully made.

The next time you examine yourself, whether the body, mind or soul, would you silence the feelings and the voices of others? And would you hear the voice of the Gospel? Would you see yourself in light of His truth and declare to yourself, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” Would you do that regularly? I declare that you will grow stronger in faith, and larger in confidence, and you will live more full of joy each day!



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