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Dreaming Forward

“Dreaming forward” is an idea that floated through my head in recent times while praying for our church. Dreams are about the future. Hence, we get the idea of being forward. Adding “forward” to “dream” gives us a sense of definitive movement. One can be full of hopes and dreams and never move forward. I believe God has called us to move forward with our dreams, but we must first identify our dreams.

On December 2, we will have our annual vision retreat and discern together a 3-year vision for our church. This is an important time for us because we cannot picture where we are headed, it is difficult for us to have effective movement as a congregation. Sometimes, churches can be like dogs chasing tails: lots of energy used, but no actual progress. Churches can get quite busy with worship, Bible study, fellowship, missions and special events, but after all the energy is poured out into such wonderful things, it is very possible for a church to still be at a standstill.

I believe God has a specific plan and purpose for our church. Next week, we will be rolling out questions for us to spend November thinking and praying through. I believe it will best prepare us for our December retreat. We need to be a church that has a clear dream in order for us to move boldly forward to fulfill it.

Our church was organized in 1906 with a vision to reach the growing communities after a new public school was built. It was about seeing God given opportunities and moving boldly with it. The building was built with a vision, the rest of the property was as well. Our present congregation came together last year because people had a vision for something new. Now is the time to discover the next chapter in our faith journey. Let us Dream Forward together!


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